Vertical Markets


CREC Group invests resources to stay abreast of industry standards within the Federal, State and Local government.  Agencies of interest include transportation, communication and more.


Most of CREC Group’s experience comes from supporting Department of Defense organizations and programs.  This includes ARMY, Air Force, WHS, DISA, SPAWAR and more.


The healthcare industry is one of the most consistent and fast growing in the nation. CREC Group seeks partnerships with hospitals, hospices, private practices and more.


CREC Group supports education institutions at every level.  Areas of interest include universities, community colleges,  public school districts, private schools, charter schools and more.


From point of sales to facilities management, CREC Group offers capabilities that meet the needs of the retail industry.  This includes grocery stores, apparel stores and food establishments.


Hotels. Airlines. Restaurants. Resorts. Cruise ships. These are a few of the establishments CREC Group currently or seeks to support with our menu of capabilities.