SPAWAR Golf Cart


SPAWAR Atlantic

Customer Type:

Department of Defense, Logistics

Customer Need:

Fitness Equipment: Manage delivery and relocation of fitness center equipment when asked.

Escort Services: Provide escort services for secure areas for government and contractor supplied subcontractors.

Chairs: Deliver and/or repair broken task chairs for every employee at SPAWAR.

Installation: Installation of cell phone boxes, custodial dispensers in restrooms, display cases, install or relocate safes, white boards, refrigerators, microwaves, fire extinguishers, window blinds, AED’s (defibrillators), and tennis court netting.

Moving Services: Provide moving services for employees relocating to other buildings, provide boxes and tape, actually move their items including equipment, accept for NMCI network computer equipment.

Locksmith Services: Perform locksmith services in the event of lost keys for offices, cell phone lockers, etc.

Recycling Services: Provide Recycling Service for all 90 buildings at SPAWAR, we pick up,  plastic, aluminum, office paper, newspaper, and ink cartridges.

Golf Cart Maintenance: Provide Service and Maintenance for around 50 golf carts on base.

Command Signs/Name Plates: Order and replace Command signs, and name plates for each employee (including   Tampa, New Orleans, and Norfolk sites).

Furniture: Store and Install all Systems Furniture on base.

Command Events: Set up and tear down for Command Events such as: Change of Command, Diversity Day, Food Drives, Holiday Events.

HAZMAT Support: Give HAZMAT support to Government Safety Office, logging each building’s chemical inventory and maintain a library of MSDS books for each building and master books.

Auto Cad: Provide Auto Cad drawing support to Facility Engineers and update building drawing on a shared drive, also drawings for cube reconfigurations.

Electrical Surveys: Provide support to engineers for electrical surveys/modifications in which we sub out.

Patch and Paint Services: Provide patch/and paint of walls damaged removing signs, and/or nameplates. Also hired out to a sub.

Command Flags: Responsible for monitoring command flags for damage and replace when needed.

Polishing Bell/Bullets: Also we provide parking cones for various reasons, polishing of ships bell and bullets in B-3147 when asked.

RESERVED VIP Signs: We make and place VIP parking signs when we have high profile visitors to SPAWAR to RESERVE a parking space for them.


We provide quality service in support of the War Fighting efforts of our country.


A highly satisfied customer.

Submitted by: Tracy Norton

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