Network Enterprise Center (NEC) Cabling and Wiring Contract

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Network Enterprise Center (formerly known as the DOIM)

Customer Type:

Government, Military and Enterprise Related

Customer Need:

This customer has a continuous need for fiber optic cable, copper cable expansion, communications renovation of buildings and to upgrade outdated infrastructure. The customer requires CREC Group to provide, install, terminate, and test category 6 (CAT6) plenum rated cables, single-mode fiber, and multi-mode fiber optic cable new high technology state of the art cable for both Non-Secure Internet Protocol Routing Network (NIPR) as well as Secure Internet Protocol Routing Network (SIPR).


CREC Group cable and wiring team performs comprehensive site surveys, produces detailed cost estimates, and conducts pre-operational communications planning. The cable and wiring team has installed a new communications cabling infrastructure to the following buildings on Fort Gordon: Vincent Hall; Mallette Hall; Allen Hall; Mannex Building; Arts & Crafts Building; and NEC Headquarters.


The result has been a significant improvement in the voice and data communications. Bandwidth has increased which has allowed for the computer networks to the optimized; thus being able to upload and download large data files faster whereby efficiency and productivity have been increased.

Submitted by: Vincent A. Amos | Date Submitted: 6 October 2014