Customer Type:

Government employees, Contractors, and US NAVY personnel

Customer Need:

CREC Group provides building maintenance and services to support the war fighter. Our team plans, coordinates, and executes:

  1. Plumbing repairs
  2. HVAC repairs, installs, upgrades
  3. Re Lamping services
  4. Pest control including insects, rodents, birds, and snakes
  5. Custodial contract inspection and monitoring
  6. Landscape contract inspection and monitoring
  7. Space Management and configuration control
  8. Security support
  9. Safety support
  10. Environmental Management of Lead and Asbestos
  11. Administrative services
  12. Furniture services
  13. Help Desk services
  14. Inspection services
  15. Installation services
  16. Moving services

In one case study on re lamping we noted that a particular building’s exterior lights needed replacement about every six weeks. This was a noticeable increase in labor, time, and materials to replace the lights at such a frequent pace.


CREC Group team member, Leon Mosley, determined it would be beneficial to replace the exterior lighting fixtures to a model that used bulbs that would last longer. This would reduce man hours to gather equipment, climb up and down the ladder, and replace bulbs significantly.


These lighting fixtures have been installed and so far no bulbs have burnt out. We will continue to monitor the periodicity of light bulb replacement at this building and feel confident this was a real time and cost saving improvement.

Submitted by: Cindy Ware