SPAWAR Atlantic

Customer Type:

Department of Defense (Contractor)

Customer Need:

Provide facilities maintenance and support for all structures and equipment, at the North Charleston location. 89 existing Buildings with 6 new Buildings in the works.

Service provided include:

  • Doors (Automatic door openers, Garage doors, Dock levelers, door closers, Door Replacement)
  • HVAC Systems (VAV Boxes, ducts systems, air handlers, condenser units, exhaust fans, Cooling Towers ,Screw chillers, Boilers Water heaters. ECT…)
  • Electrical (UPS Support, Interior/exterior Lighting, Emergency/safety/security lighting, Transfer switches, Bulb replacement)
  • Plumbing (Maintaining plumbing systems, Fixture replacement, Filter replacement)
  • Carpentry (Maintaining Structural support, repairing damaged structures, deck repairs, wall repairs, new installations)
  • Irrigations (Maintain several irrigation systems)
  • Generators (Maintenance on several generators, Trouble shoot problems on present systems)
  • Concrete/Asphalt (Repair and maintain existing sidewalks and parking lots)
  • Painting (Paint and maintain existing structures, Pressure wash exteriors, Maintain general appearance of all existing structures)
  • Chemical Treatments (Chemical treat cooling towers to provide better efficiency, Chemical treat decorative fountain at main engineering center)
  • Roof Repairs (Repair roof leaks on several types of buildings with many types of substrates, Repair several types of gutter systems, repair lightning arrestor systems, Repair roof interior drainage systems).


We maintain and manage all buildings and equipment on this contract in a high state of repair.


During the last 2 years of this contract we have had a 98% percent success rate for repair in maintenance of the facilities and equipment.

Submitted by: Isaac Simmons


SPAWAR Data center, we supply and service all aspects of maintenance for the data center. This project comes with multiple back-up systems required by the Department of Defense.


The newest administrative building added to our contract. With an additional 6 buildings of this type to be added to our contract in the near future.


SPAWAR System Center Atlantic Southern Headquarters Building, housing the commander and staff with approximately 2,500 support team members.


This is the oldest building on our contract, constructed in 1953. It has 1,500 people working in this facility and because of the age of this building it produces numerous challenges which we manage.